Danny Bollinger

I was born and raised in Burlington, Morning Sun, Wilton, Fort Dodge, and Ames, Iowa before I moved to Dallas on the afternoon of December 29th, 1991. Joe Foor and I arrived in Dallas on December 30th, 1991 at around 6:30 am. Joe had an apartment in the Village on Milton Street. We slept upon arrival and woke up around 9 pm that night. As soon as we woke up we went to Snuffers for a burger and loaded cheese fries. I have been trying to avoid it ever-since. Since arriving in Dallas, I have been a waiter (Cardinal Puffs), Frito Guy, MCI Guy, among other assorted fruitful and fruitless jobs. I have been a righter since 3rd grade and for the last ten years a fotographer. Sum peeple say I is the best righter they have ever red. I just thank they is being nice. A lot of peeple compliment me on my parfect spalling. I rarely mis-spall and werds. Thanks for checking out the website and I would be glad to take pictures for you, your mom, your uncles, your friends, your acquaintances and your enemies for that matter (whatever your beef with them that's between you). Basically, any noun (proper or otherwise) I would like to figure out with you how to make the best picture possible. To schedule something, email me or go to my contact page for more information.